July 16, 2021

Paying more attention to my thoughts lately and realizing how much they affect my energy.

For many many years, I falsely believed that my softness was a weakness. I was told I would be taken advantage of and people will not take me seriously (frankly speaking it really happen most of the time) and it wasn’t until way later I realized it was in fact my greatest strength. I thrive when I am able to serve others and to do that, I need to unleash kindness, love, and empathy no matter how people trying to take advantage of me and as long as it is nothing to lose.

Encountered a very old man struggling to reach his shoe to tie up his loosened shoelace in a grocer store yesterday (to get some groceries before the snap lockdown) after work, first thought I was trying to just pass him but second thought just came up in a blink that I’m still the one who I am, I went to him and knee down to help him out. In return, he shows a very sincere generous smile. The simplest of gestures speak volumes in showing his appreciation. Always choose love.

There’s no use punching into darkness, I just got to turn on the light. Always reminded to be me and never lose that energy because of bad experiences in life.

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